Thai Kitchen – Idaho Falls

Thai Kitchen Idaho FallsDown in Utah my wife and I loved eating at the various Thai restaurants in Utah County. With so many to choose from (Spicy Thai in Provo, Bangkok Grill in Orem, etc.) we were truly spoiled by the quality, price, and convenience. So when we moved to Idaho Falls, finding a go-to Thai restaurant was a fairly high priority. After a couple searches it seemed like Thai Kitchen was going to be our first stop. (They won the “Best Asian/Chinese” award from Idaho Falls Magazine after all)

What We Ordered

I’m a huge fan of massaman and I usually get it with chicken. However, the massaman here was only available with beef. Weird. So we ordered two specials. One order of pad thai and one order of yellow curry later we were digging in.

How Was It?

Overall, my rating would be “Good, not great”. The pad thai was spot on, but I feel like that’s a minimum requirement from a Thai restaurant. The curry again was good, but not great. The service was good. The food came out quickly and was hot. The pricing was reasonable. However, I think that I’ve been spoiled, so I was underwhelmed.

If you’re looking for a good Thai place, then go to Thai Kitchen. If you’re looking for a great Thai place in Idaho Falls…keep an eye on the blog. I’ll keep you updated on our next venture.